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Dark or Discoloured Teeth


darkened/discoloured teeth

Teeth become discoloured or turn dark for various reasons, however there are two main causes for this phenomenon to occur. Teeth may darken after root canal treatment, caused by the various toxins that exist during the infectious process.

Teeth may also discolour if there is a problem with the pulp of the tooth (the innermost layer containing the nerves and blood vessels). An x-ray can usually help to determine what is the causative factor. In this example, we can see that the two upper front teeth are discoloured, creating an unaesthetic appearance for this individual.

discolouration from root canal treatment

When we look at the x-ray of these two front teeth, we can see by the filling material in the roots that these teeth in fact have been treated with root canal therapy. In some cases, internal bleaching may remove the discolouration, however, in many cases a veneer or a crown will be required, depending on the amount of tooth structure remaining. In situations where the discolouration is caused by a problem in the pulp of the tooth, root canal therapy may be recommended by your dentist to treat the condition.