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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Instructions

clean your teeth with a soft bristle brush
A soft bristle brush is recommended for cleaning your teeth. Placing the brush along the gum line helps to remove plaque that settles around the gum tissue. Plaque contains bacteria which can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

brushing the biting surfaces of your teeth
The biting surfaces of the teeth accumulate food and debris which settles into the grooves on the the teeth. Brushing these surfaces helps to prevent decay which can start in the grooves of the teeth.

brushing difficult areas
In areas where your regular toothbrush cannot fit or in areas that are difficult to reach, smaller cleaning tools can be used. In this example, a tuft end brush is being used to clean the inside surfaces of the lower front teeth.

flossing your teeth
Flossing is a vital component of your daily oral hygiene routine. Floss helps to remove plaque which settles into the gum pockets around each tooth. Removing this plaque keeps your gums and teeth healthy.