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Dental Implants

Used to replace missing teeth, dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements.

Single Aesthetic Implant

single tooth implant replacement

This young individual was in an accident which resulted in the loss of his front tooth. A single tooth implant is the best choice to replace this missing tooth. A bridge is not the best choice. The teeth on either side of the space do not have any fillings in them. Shaving these teeth down for the placement of a bridge would permanently damage them, and these teeth may require other treatment.

implant supported crown

The final crown (cap) has been fabricated and cemented onto the post which is attached to the implant. A small bonded restoration was also placed on the other front tooth to provide a balanced aesthetic result. This implant supported crown provides a beautiful aesthetic replacement for the missing tooth.

x-ray of the implant

This x-ray shows the implant positioned in the jaw bone. A post will be attached to the implant, upon which the final crown will be placed to replace the missing tooth.

Reconstruction with Multiple Implants

fillings decay

This individual has advanced deterioration of her oral health. We can see decay around some existing fillings, as well as wear of the remaining teeth.

dental implants xray

The multiple missing teeth have been replaced with dental implants as seen in this xray. The remaining teeth have been restored with all ceramic crowns.

natural teeth with crowns and some implants with crowns

In this view we are looking at some natural teeth with crowns and some implants with crowns. With this aesthetic result, it is difficult to tell which crowns are supported by implants and which crowns are supported by natural teeth.

implants and ceramic crowns

Using implants and all ceramic crowns provides a fixed prosthetic solution that is both functional and aesthetic in appearance. It’s like having your natural teeth back!